As the largest manufacturer of diaries in Poland, we have adopted a creative approach to the product and we set trends for the industry.

CALENDAR. A classic as well as modern product. For the first time, this tool was created in ancient times. Edica Sp. z o.o. has been working on its usability for almost 30 years.

We don’t know all about time, especially the time that awaits everyone. Nevertheless, we know how to ensure that you live in the HERE and NOW and remember, plan and make the best of your time.

We know everything about calendars as we have been working on their advertising possibilities for years and we have been constantly developing our offer. All that is being done so that our product is always up-to-date and reaches your Clients effectively.

Tell us about your needs and we will translate them into your calendar.

Bespoke products

A calendar that will suit you best is one ordered according to your own idea. You can design a new calendar, use untypical colours to print it, colour block edges or make a cover of various types of material.
Calendars we create help with planning and remembering, but they are mainly a great means of subtle advertising which reaches its audience and informs about your company.

365 days of quality

Every year, we prepare a new offer of calendars for companies which goal is to surprise clients with original ideas, get ahead of the competition, present attractive novelties and make clients and ourselves happy.
Our whole team - from salesmen through graphic designers and technologists to logistics specialists - focuses on preparing perfect calendars for you.

What makes our calendar unique?

We combine functionality with design and, thanks to that, we create calendars which meet our Clients’ needs, expectations and tastes. In our work, we follow the rule that objects are for people and not people for objects.
We take care of environment in the production process of our calendars: all calendar components originate from the EU and, in addition, we can produce FSC-certified products.


For years, we have set trends in the printing industry, especially in terms of calendars. We advise our Clients, share our experience and respond to new challenges. At the same time, we do our best to provide top-quality products. Our reputation and market leadership are confirmed by numerous awards and distinctions.