Privacy Policy

Edica sp. z o.o. puts great emphasis on protection of confidentiality and privacy of information we are entrusted. Our basic commitment towards persons whose personal data we process regards performance of the information obligation. Please, read the information below:

The Buyer, who is a physical person, submits their personal data voluntarily. Submitting the personal data is necessary for performance of the agreement.

Edica sp. z o.o. shall process the data in order to:

  • Perform service provided by Edica or sell products
  • Fulfil obligations imposed on Edica by provisions of law, including tax and accounting purposes
  • Achieve own goals in terms of statistics and analyses
  • Take marketing actions regarding own services and products.

The Buyer’s personal data shall be processed for a period not exceeding five years as of the beginning of the year following the financial year in which the transaction or proceeding was finally closed, payments paid up, settled or time-barred. This period may be extended if it is necessary for Edica to fulfil obligations resulting from provisions of law or legitimate interests. After that period the data shall be deleted or made anonymous.

Processing personal data is legally justified as the Buyer’s personal data is required to perform the agreement where the Buyer is a party, or to take actions on Buyer’s request before concluding the agreement. The Buyer’s data is also necessary to fulfil the legal obligation imposed on Edica. Edica shall reserve the right to process Buyer’s personal data if it is needed for Edica’s legitimate interests, such as direct marketing.

The Buyer’s personal data may be processed by:

  • Entities supporting us in performance of the agreement concluded with the Buyer, i.e. a company managing payments, a forwarding company, a company maintaining websites or providing software for online shops;
  • Entities providing marketing services and maintenance of our IT system;
  • Entities supporting us in terms of legal obligations pursuant to provisions of law, e.g. a statutory auditor or a company archiving and shredding documentation which includes personal data.

Edica shall grant the Buyer access to the Buyer’s personal data. The Buyer shall have the right to demand that Edica delete or restrict the Buyer’s data, correct it personally or by submitting written statements. The Buyer shall have to the right to object to data processing and lodge a complaint to a supervisory authority, i.e. to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

In matters regarding personal data protection contact us to the company address or via e-mail: