Edica Printing House produces books in hard cover and paperback, as well as the wide range of services regarding print finishing of the interior and cover. We specialize in hard covers for books, starting from 2,25 mm blocks, and the automatic production of books with safe rounded cover corners.

The wide range of print finishing includes printed ribbons – bookmarks, fancifully cut out pages and sections, blisters, magnetic bookmarks, embossing – including multi-level embossing made on a cardboard and a printed casewrap.

We produce notebooks, comic books, First Communion books, schoolbooks, dictionaries, literature and calendars, books for children. We produce them both in Polish and numerous foreign language versions.

Printing and binding services

  • printing services
  • offset printing up to 720×1020 mm
  • up to 8 colours in single pass: CMYK or Pantone

Types of paper:

  • coated paper from 65g to 350g
  • uncoated and volume paper form 60g to 200g
  • cardboard up to 350g
  • creative paper
  • self-adhesive paper


The precise limit values of formats depend on many variables, so please always consult our representative.

  • covers: paper, cloth, combination half-cloth, PVC, with dust jackets
  • book formats from 80×115 mm to 295×340 mm
  • book thickness from 2,25 mm to 68 mm
  • blocks glued or sewn
  • perforation of block corners or along the block spine
  • rounded or flat spine
  • rounded or straight corners
  • card board from 1,2 to 3 mm, paperboard with foam from 2 mm to 4 mm and paperboard 550g and 400g cardboard
  • die-cut covers


  • book formats from 80×115 mm to 280×340 mm
  • book thickness from 3 to 60 mm
  • blocks glued or sewn: PUR, hot-melt
  • covers with one or two flaps
  • die-cut covers

Cover refinement

  • lamination: different types of films – structured, soft-touch, gloss, matte, scratch-resistant
  • varnish: – UV gloss, UV matt, varnish with glitter, raised and offset varnish
  • deep embossing including multi-level embossing, blind embossing, hot-stamping

Block refinement

  • colourful and printed ribbons markers from 3 mm to 8 mm
  • colourful headbands
  • thumb cut indexing
  • colouring of book block edges

Additional services

  • packaging of promotional materials for books
  • packaging: wrapping single copies in heat shrinkable and non-shrinking films, cartons, brown paper
  • inserting CD and DVDs
  • attaching holograms, labels and stickers