Edica is one of the leading printing houses in Poland. The production is based on modern technological lines in the plant located in Poznań. We are technologically prepared to meet the most difficult expectations. Our production capacity enables us to produce more than one million books monthly.

Edica possesses full-format, highly efficient printing machines – 26 aggregates and nearly 200 bookbinding machines and devices. We specialise in the production of high quality books in hard covers and paperback covers – both standard and with flaps, with the use of coated, offset and volume materials.

Among others, Edica has got three production lines for hard covers, two machines for the production of standard covers and covers with rounded corners, a machine for printing straps, two fully automatic machines to cut tabs, a machine to round block corners. We use PUR glue, as well as hot and cold glues – Hotmelt and Two-Shot to stick blocks in hard covers.

Our plant is well prepared to complete both standard and individual orders.

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